Braces Fitchburg MA

Braces Fitchburg MA

Do I Need Braces?

Only your dental care specialist should decide whether you need braces to correct your smile. If you suspect you need braces in Fitchburg, MA or feel that wearing braces would enhance the appearance of your smile, meet with our team from Watkin Dental Associates. We can provide a full smile analysis to determine whether you're a good candidate for traditional or modern braces. Schedule a consultation visit with us today as the first step in finding out more about your options in orthodontic care at Watkin Dental Associates.

Which Type of Braces is Right For Me?

No two patients have the same needs, which is why it's important to speak with your dental care provider to determine the right way to correct your teeth. Determining factors include:

  • Your budget
  • Issues with your teeth
  • Amount of time you commit to wearing braces
  • Your age
  • Any concerns you have in your dental¬†prosthetic's visibility

Why Are Clear Braces So Popular?

Teenagers and adults both prefer the discretion Invisalign Clear Braces provide, eliminating peer pressure issues and preventing braces from making you the center of attention in social situations. Invisalign's aligners are not only virtually invisible, but they are also removable, which significantly enhances their user-friendliness. Remove Invisalign's clear plastic aligners for up to 2 hours each day, making it easier to brush and floss teeth, eat crunchy, sticky, and hard foods typically forbidden with other braces, and enjoy some time every day without the confinement of braces.

Which Type of Braces Deliver the Fastest Results?

Typically speaking, modern metal braces with enhanced features provide the fastest track to beautiful, straight teeth. That said, it's necessary that your dentist in Fitchburg, MA spends time with you exploring your options in orthodontic care, helping you choose the right method of achieving your goals of a beautiful smile. For patients who only require slight corrections, clear aligners could be the better choice. Why not schedule a consultation appointment with our knowledgeable staff from Watkin Dental Associates to find out more?

Are Braces Worth the Cost and Time Investment?

More than 9 out of every 10 orthodontic patients questioned report a high rate of satisfaction with the results achieved through wearing braces. An important side note: of patients who report dissatisfaction, many admit a low commitment to following their orthodontist's instructions during treatment, while others state that they were too young during the time of treatment to understand the necessity of taking care of their teeth while wearing braces. Pre-placement education plays an essential role in a positive patient experience, which is why we highly recommend spending a few months preparing for the placement of braces.

Which Braces Are Right For You?

Only your dentist can help you make that decision. If you're looking into the advantages of clear or conventional braces in Fitchburg, MA, feel free to speak with our staff from Watkin Dental Associates to improve your patient experience and achieve the smile of your dreams.

Braces Fitchburg MA
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