Dentists In Fitchburg Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Consultation

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At Watkin Dental Associates, all of our dentists in Fitchburg know that your dentistry is more than the treatment of teeth. It’s also about your needs and wants, and it’s about our honest discussions about your options, choices, and smile dreams. That’s why our team does everything we can to ensure you get the most out of your consultations with us so that you can make informed decisions about your health care.

Depending on the care you are considering or planning, there could be a lot of information to take in during the consultation, especially for dental implants, Invisalign®, root canal treatment, and other treatments that require multiple visits and post-surgical follow up.

Your whole consultation experience is a team effort at Watkin Dental Associates, your dentists in Fitchburg!

From the clinical side of your treatment to the administration in our Front Office, we ensure that it all comes together smoothly. Through the perfect mix conversation, clear explanations, videos, infographics, and x-rays – and even blog articles on our website – we will ensure not only information transfer, but time and opportunity for you to ask questions.

In many cases, financing and insurance coverage is part of the conversation. That’s where our administration team will take the lead by creating a financial plan that correlates to your treatment plan so that before treatment even begins, you can review and ensure everything is clear and agreeable.

Making Your Decision

We understand that after our consultation with you, there is a “decision-making period” and to help you, we’ve created a really helpful email series that serves as a refresher (after all, there can be a lot of information sharing at our consultation, and the emails recap it nicely and make it easy to share info with a family member if you wish). Like our other patients, we’re sure you will find that they are helpful.

As always, you can call or email us back with any questions you may have.