Keys to Successful Brushing for Your Healthiest Mouth

We all do it. We all brush our teeth, most of us morning and night. Grab the toothbrush, dollop some toothpaste and brush away, right? Actually, there’s a lot more to it than that. To get the most from your brushing techniques and maintain a healthy mouth, follow these expert tips.

  • Make sure to pick the right toothbrush. No matter the size or shape of your brush, go with soft bristles. Not only will soft bristles protect your gums and enamel, but they will also be able to get under the gums for optimum cleaning. The size of the brush depends on your preferences and the size of your mouth. 
  • Be kind and gentle when you brush. Hold your brush gently, almost like a violin bow. You don’t need to scrub your teeth, think of brushing more like a massage, says WebMD.
  • Brush for two minutes. Take the time to brush your teeth to avoid damage which could lead to dental implants or root canals. Play a song or set the timer on your phone. Use these moments to take a break from your busy-ness and take two minutes for yourself.

  • Change your toothbrush. When you visit your family dentist, he or she will give you a new toothbrush. Toss your old one and use the new one! People tend to hold onto their toothbrushes for too long, but it’s important to change them out every few months. Three to four months is ideal.
  • Brush after meals. If you are particularly prone to cavities, take the time to brush after meals. Letting food sit on teeth too long can lead to bacteria which will lead to decay. The best practice, however, is to wait at least 15 minutes right after eating. This allows the acid in your mouth to reduce before brushing. And make sure to brush before bed and after the last thing you eat at night. Even if the last thing you eat is a midnight snack!
  • Brush the inside of your teeth. People tend to focus on the outside of their teeth and the flat surfaces of back teeth. Make sure to get the inside of the teeth, the tongue side.
  • Don’t forget to floss. Floss at least once a day. Most people take the time at night to really do a nice job on dental hygiene, take those two minutes to brush, floss and prevent unnecessary trips to your dentist.

It may seem complicated, but if you follow these tips and develop healthy brushing habits, you may prevent decay and dental work down the road. Make sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis as well. If you are looking for gentle family dentistry, please contact us at Watkin Dental Associates. We’d love to be your new dental home!