What To Do If You Have No Dental Insurance

An estimated 50% of Americans have no dental insurance. If you choose to pay out of pocket for dental cleanings and other dental procedures it can get quite expensive.

We’ve got great news! As a valued patient of Watkin Dental Associates, you are eligible to sign up for our In-House Membership discount plan, custom-created for our patients. As a member, you’ll save 30% off dental procedures and treatments.

Why uninsured consumers avoid the dentist

Fear of cost is the number one reason uninsured patients avoid the dentist. A trip to the dentist can be stressful for anyone, but for uninsured patients it can be exceptionally so. They have no good way of determining what they should pay and, as a result, feel totally exposed. Our In-House Membership Program is black and white. You pay a yearly fee ($119.00 for one person, $159.00 for two people, $199.00 up to four people) and then 30% off any and all procedures we offer in the office including cleanings, crowns, dental implants, fillings, x-rays, root canals etc.

Our Membership Plans Provide Certainty

Consumers need some level of certainty in order to seek and accept the dental services they need. They want to know what it will cost and that they’re receiving a good value for their money. Our membership plans provide that certainty. People know exactly what they’re paying and exactly what they’re getting. Pay for only the dental treatments you need and know the fees upfront.

Our Plan also includes additional savings on Vision, Pharmacy and Lasik (see plan details in trifold brochure in our office or online at:​ ​wellnessdentalacceses.launchsavings.com

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