It wasn’t too long ago that when you went to the dentist for certain procedures, like dental impressions, you knew you were in for some serious discomfort. With your mouth stuffed full of a dental compound, the dentist left you alone while it set and you sat in discomfort for what seemed like forever trying not to gag. Now, however, modern dentistry is making great changes and instead of dental compounds, dentists are using digital impressions. Besides the comfort factor, digital impressions have some other advantages. Let’s take a look...

Digital impression scans do not degrade.

Dental Products Report, a dental industry magazine, shares that because digital scans don't degrade, they have advantages. They can be stored with a patient's electronic file and accessed virtually anywhere. They can be reused so the scan only has to be done once.

Digital impression scans are more efficient.

Because this is a more detailed method than traditional compounds, the end product is better. The need for remakes is reduced. End products often can be produced quicker and the need for consecutive visits is eliminated. Even if a lab still has to make the final product, the images can be sent directly and save time. There’s not an issue of losing images, either, as they are stored and sent electronically.

Digital impression scans are more accurate

and the resulting dental restoration end products can fit better and last longer.

Dentists also like the ability to see the images at close and detailed context.

They can enlarge areas and see exactly what they are working on with digital imaging clarity. At Watkin Dental Associates we have the latest digital technology to make your visit  comfortable. Call for a confidential consultation at 978-345-6919. Our team of dental specialists is dedicated to providing your best dental care