Our Teeth Whitening Specialist

Fast Treatment With Long-Lasting Results

Are dull, yellow teeth keeping your form feeling confident in your smile? Professional teeth whitening is your solution! In about one hour we can whiten your teeth, revealing a dazzling smile you’ll love to show off! Our practice uses leading professional teeth whitening products from Opalescence that are safe and highly effective. Unlike over-the-counter brands that are unpredictable and can actually harm tooth enamel, our personalized whitening specialists can comfortably and safely provide you with the brighter smile you want! If your looking for a personalized experience and long-lasting teeth whitening contact our team today!

Meet Watkin Dental’s Whitening Specialist

Tammy Reynolds is a Registered Dental Assistant as well as a Certified Whitening Specialist, trained by the best in the industry. Her goal with every patient is to customize treatment and get them the best results they can achieve! She has a passion for providing patients with a rejuvinized smile and her consults look at the overall health of the mouth, and how to achieve a beautiful smile.

What To Expect With Your Whitening Experience

When you schedule a whiting appointment you will first have a consult with our specialist to ensure that we are giving you the best treatment possible. We will do this by looking at xrays and the teeth to evaluate the overall health of the teeth and readiness for whitening. The specialist will take photos as well as any impressions that may be needed to fabricate a custom whitening try for you if that is what you choose to use. A current shade will be chosen and documented so that you can compare it to your sade achieved after whitening. We believe that whitening your teeth should be treated as any other spa treatment would be, and do our best to treat it that way. Special parking is designated for you and you will be welcomed into a private relaxing room. If you are not currently a patient at Watkin Dental Associates thats ok, we’d love to provide you with a beautiful white smile as well! If you have had a cleaning withing the last 6 month and recent xrays we ask that you bring them to your appointment, if you have not had a cleaning in the last 6 month we ask that you either have one with your current dentist or one thru our office sos that we can effectively whiten your teeth otherwise the whitening products may not be able to fully provide the best results. If you don’t have a current dentist or insurance we’d be happy to help you with an in office discount program that can get you discounts on cleaning as well as other restorative work that may need to be done.